“We wanted, WE NEEDED, a place to speak out
to safely DISCLOSE and to be understood.”

 our mission

To investigate societal beliefs concerning sexual violence culture through art-based
activism in pursuance of unified active engagement in the eradication of sexual violence
and sexual assault.
DISCLOSE is a Bay Area, art-based collectivist organization founded in the Spring of2013 to address the pervasive issue of sexual violence. We aim to actively consult withand engage our diverse communities through outreach, direct action and participation invarious forms of art activism in order to facilitate dialogues that address the complexoppressive systems that allow sexual violence culture to thrive.

We assert that

Sexual Assault statistics are wrong. Not just wrong, but grossly inaccurate. Statistics are

based on reported and filed assaults. Because most survivors are silenced, the vast

majority of assaults are not reflected in any statistical data currently available. The name

of our collective, DISCLOSE, was borne out of our demand that the enormous scope of

sexual assault be accurately addressed.

Sexual Violence is not synonymous with Sexual Assault. Sexual assault and Sexual

violence culture are two separate but connected issues. Sexual assaults are experienced

by many – in numbers far larger than statistics suggest – and are the EFFECT of the

endemic issue of sexual violence culture, which affects everyone, every day, all of the

Oppression is directly connected to Sexual Violence. Sexual violence culture is

perpetrated through many complex oppressive systems including but not limited to

binary-gender socialization, racism, classism, neo-colonialism and economic inequality.

It’s time to complicate the conversation. We CANNOT hope to effectively address

sexual violence culture and to eradicate sexual assault unless we are willing to include

these systems, and more, in our dialogues in an effort to dismantle them.

Art Activism will affect change. Visual, spoken, musical, media and performance-based

art facilitate these dialogues on a multi-sensory level that mimics the full-body

experience of living daily in sexual violence culture. We use art not only as a platform for

transcending trauma, but as a way to viscerally engage our communities in the movement

to abolish sexual violence culture and sexual assault. In this way, we are able to

accurately and unapologetically use our voice through art to demand change and to make

it clear that sexual violence leaves no one untouched.

We Envision 

The abolishment of sexual violence culture and sexual assault. Period.

We are committed to 

Organizing an active community of survivors, allies, and artists in which diverse

perspectives and experiences are represented, respected and supported.

Initiating and Participating in art movements that directly address the culture of sexual

Facilitating educational and forum-based platforms in which dialogues may occur that

address the complex systems within sexual violence culture.

Hosting monthly art-based Salons for survivors of sexual assault. These Salons occur in a

survivor or ally’s home, at which an artist presents their/her/his work to the group, after

which the space is opened for dialogue, reactions and supported disclosure. Contact

salons@disclosesilence.org for more information.

Building a system of practical support for survivors of assault through a diverse provider

network. If you are a provider of medical, dental, therapeutic, legal, self-defense, or

advocacy services and would like to be involved please email support@disclosesilence.org

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