Financial Aid Options for AWP 2015

Room Scholarship

  • Unfortunately, all room scholarships have been distributed. We have created a Google Spreadsheet for individuals to advertise if they are looking for a roommate to split costs at AWP. We will not be moderating this page, and cannot be responsible for any of the arrangements that you make, but it will hopefully be a place to find others who are looking for someone to share the expense. Click this link to see the spreadsheet and add your name.

Volunteer 4-hours for a Reduced Registration Rate

  • All 100 volunteer spaces have been filled at this time.

Register at the Reduced Limited-Means rate

  • This option is available to all with no volunteer requirement and it operates on the honor system. We trust that as a feminist conference that sustains a feminist organization, all participants will contribute financially to the organization consistent with their ability level.

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